Glenn Lipton, MD



Ron G., Yelp

Relocating from one area of Los Angeles to another can be quite challenging when it comes to finding new Doctor's.   I needed a Pain Specialist.  

My new internist recommended an orthopedist, who then made his recommendation. Did I get lucky, or what! I found my way to Dr. Glenn Lipton a Pain Specialist. You see, My back was really hurting and I needed , as I liked to say, "a shot" in the back".

But,not so fast. Dr. Lipton  reviewed my recent x-rays, and discussed my history at great length. Next  followed by a thorough physical examination. After a complete explanation of what the next step could
be, it was decided that I would have an Epidural Injection.

Dr. Lipton's office staff  and his  crew at the Surgical Center were fabulous, so professional and so  caring all the way through the procedure, including my follow-up office visit a few weeks later. 

And, I'm pleased to say I have received incredible relief from the pain I was experiencing.  I'm looking forward to my next follow-up  with Dr. Lipton, an outstanding Physician and  truly, a great guy too.

Lynsey J.,  Yelp

It is such a relief to work with a doctor of this calibre. Pain management is not a 'five and dime' prescription store.  LA is a crazy town and there are so many hurdles to jump when you are looking for a doctor who has YOUR best interests at heart, and who has integrity. 
Dr Lipton takes the time to get to know his patients. He hears what your goals are, where you are at, and tailor-makes his treatments to suit your needs. OF course with his medical expertise as his barometer, but he is never prescriptive and listens. 
I appreciate being a participant in my treatment and feel empowered by this.
I can only thank him for taking me from an 11 on the PAIN scale to a manageable 2.
That what we want . RIGHT?

Jessica S.,  Yelp

I have been a patient of Dr. Lipton's for nearly three years, and he is easily my favorite doctor. If you are dealing with any sort of back pain, trust me - he is the doctor for you! He is the best back / pain management specialist in LA. 

I could hardly stand up or walk when I first walked into Dr. Lipton's office. I had mysteriously herniated a disc and had some Sacroiliac joint dysfunction that had rendered me completely immobile and terrified. I had already seen a couple of other specialists prior to my appointment with him, and those doctors either simply prescribed me large amounts of Percocet and muscle relaxers or quickly recommended that I needed a cortisone shot without spending more than five minutes with me. I felt very unsafe in these doctors' hands. I have Lyme Disease so I can't have cortisone shots because corticosteroids can counteract with and worsen the effects of Lyme. My husband and I were so scared and didn't know what to do, but we knew opiates and steroids weren't the answer.

That's when Dr. Lipton entered my life - he understood the challenges of treating me, and I immediately felt like I was in good hands. My husband and I could tell that he just wanted what was best for me. He genuinely cared and assured us that we would get through this together. He was the first person to prescribe me an anti-inflammatory instead of a dangerous pain killer, and within 24 hours I could sit up on my couch semi-comfortably like a normal human being. I felt like Dr. Lipton was willing to go to battle for me. He determined that what I needed was rest and time away from work to allow myself time to heal, so I had to take a medical leave of absence - a concept which stressed me out at first. But I'll never forget when he told me that if anyone at my company gave me a hard time that he would speak to them himself. He meant it. I knew that this was a doctor who fights for his patients and sees them as humans - not as paychecks. 

My husband and I literally cried tears of joy after our first appointment with Dr. Lipton. We no longer felt alone. 

I've been on a long journey with Dr. Lipton, and he has been so encouraging the entire time. Because of my special circumstances with Lyme Disease, he has had to get creative with alternative, natural forms of therapy. He has given me three rounds of PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma) and ever since, my SI joint issues are completely gone. I can roll over in bed at night without waking up in pain. I can also do level 1/2 yoga now - something I never thought I would be able to do! We will probably be doing another PRP injection in a different location because we have now discovered that I have degenerative disc disease. We might even start discussing stem cell therapy next year!

My quality of life has improved greatly under his care, and I am rarely ever in pain now. I trust this man with my life, and I am so grateful to have found him!

Charles B., Yelp

Dr. Lipton has been my back doctor for about one year and under his care, my back health has improved significantly. Dr. Lipton is a very good listener and empathetic; he really cares about his patients. Once he has all the information, he puts together a structured plan to improve his patients' health.

Dr. Lipton inspires confidence and hope that his patients' health will improve.  My back certainly has.